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My biography: I grew up in Southern Connecticut and moved to Boston in 1984 to attend college at Northeastern University. I left after a few years without finishing my degree, unfortunately, in order to make a career in the growing IT industry. While in Boston, I met Jane, who (knowing a good thing when I saw it) I married in 1991, a year after we moved to Salem. Our son, David, is a student at Saltonstall.

I worked in management for 6 years at an advertising agency on the South Shore, and then spent 5 years as the IT Manager at Holyoke Mutual here in town. Since the end of 2003, I’ve been running my own IT consultancy based in Beverly - a link is on the left side of the page if you want to look at it. We have 5 employees and perform services all over eastern Massachusetts.

My goal on the City Council is to serve as a voice of moderation - helping to keep the city moving in a positive direction while being financially prudent and serving the interests of our ward as effectively as possible. I’ve been getting updates and requests almost since the first day on the job, and I learn a little more about our neighborhoods every day. I remain excited about the work I do for the people of Ward 5 and Salem, and in my third term I’m still trying to help the neighborhood and city I love.

The vision I have for Salem is that of a once-again growing city, but with some restraint. I love that our downtown is a livable place, and I want to see more development that leverages that. I try and support projects that increase our commercial tax base and provide jobs for Salem residents. And our neighborhoods shouldn’t feel like islands, but be connected to the city and the energy that the downtown provides.

  1. Council meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of the month, televised live on SATV channel 22. Stay involved!

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